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Tony has worked in the civil engineering field for over 30 years. This has given him the drive to search out alternative, or what others may call normal, paths for unexplained events.

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His paranormal experiences didn't occur until later in life, but the ones he has had have made him search for the truth as to what is really out there. Currently, Tony is facinated by cryptid research and continues to explore the options of animal species we have yet to document or discover. Priscilla, Investigator Trainee.

Priscilla is an emergency Dispatcher and a student of Mortuary Science from Jacksonville, Florida. Her passion stems from the helping hand she provides to the community, and assisting the public with their concerns while reaching out for help during possibly their worst moments. She has always been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a child, but in , after Priscilla's mother passed away, her paranormal experience and abilities began to increase.

She is an empath developing her clairsentient abilities.

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Eedoo's day starts off like any other day, but then he gets a phone call that will change his life forever. His grandfather, Pépé, sends him on a quest to find The. His grandfather, Pépé, sends him on a quest to find The Truth – a series of texts which contain previously unknown wisdom and a treasure of invaluable.

Priscilla hopes to lend a helping hand to others that may be confused, scared, or looking for answers. From early on, Kim had a fascination with the paranormal. This originated from her mother and grandmother's stories of Ireland while living there. At the age of 15, Kim had a terrifying experience which sharpened her views of the paranormal. This created a need to assist and help people, which is why she became a CNA and assisted with Local Health organizations and Children Services.

Ricky grew up in Mobile, AL, in a family that had abilities originating from his mother, and passed down to his sister.


They found a great passion for the paranormal and saw that they could really help people. Ricky also brings his experience as an Electrician of 17 years to the group.

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This can provide a great asset in determining logical explanations of our clients claims. In fact, if there are things in your mind that need to contributes or ask then you may use this plug-in to communicate with us:. All our video recording has been uploaded under youtube.

You may choose to view them by visiting our Ghost Video Page.

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Below is a selection of my favorite and the best video recordings from my video collection. Nevertheless, this is just a fragment of what you about to explore at our Video Page section as we have more than hundred's of ghost video clips in our collection database.

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Click here to watch all the best of the best ghost videos from our research findings on YouTube. Hit the 'Back Button' of your browser to return to this page. We Share our paranormal research findings. We continue our research into the unknown and share our findings through our official website The Malaysian Paranormal Research , magnifying the world of mystery. Read More Our Paranormal and Ghost Research motto. We Research the unknown with respect and kindness, and touch the souls with love and humility.

We continue our research into the unknown and share our findings through our official website The Malaysian Paranormal Research, magnifying the world of mystery. Some of the photographic evidences on this site have been reviewed and proven by Dave Oester, DD. Find out The moon phase, doest it really have impact on ghost hunting? Current Time:. Dave Oester is the author of the ghost hunting formula related to weather patterns. Oester developed this formula in Thanks to Dr. Oester also formulated in that two or three days on each side of the new and full moons are also the best times for conducting investigations due to peak geomagnetic fields.

Since adverse weather conditions such as thunder storms, heavy rain and other environmental hazards can be so dangerous therefore our field investigation on the paranormal will be only conducted during fine weather.

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The boy's blue eyes looked around wildly, and for a moment it seemed that he met her eyes with a pleading glance. This, in t The words we digest directly impacts our view of the world, our community, our neighbors and ourselves. Had her wrists not been held so firmly, she'd have slipped to her knees as the relief made every muscle in her body go slack. The king wanted information from her. Paranormal Lockdown TV Series She ate every bite and used the hunk of rough bread to sop up the last bits of juice clinging to the sides of the bowl.

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