Naive Bride, Defiant Wife (Mills & Boon Modern) (Lynne Graham Collection)

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A glitch in his plan An impossible attraction Three years ago Ava Fitzgerald stole what was most important to billionaire Vito Barbieri-his brother's life-leaving an insurmountable void in his once full and pleasurable existence. Since her release from prison, Ava From the embers of their passion Erin Turner and Cristophe Donakis set the bedsheets alight during their scorching affair.

But Erin's hopes of a diamond ring turned to ash when he unceremoniously kicked her out of his bed and onto the cold Lond Three fabulously rich, handsome and ruthless men Three ordinary girls Desert prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais ruthlessly seduced his brother's child's nanny! Only afterwards did Jasim discover Elinor really was a naive beauty! Pregnant with his roy From making his bed On a mission to steal Navarre Cazier's laptop to save a fellow chambermaid's reputation, Tawny Blake is caught red-handed!

Blushing brighter than her flame-coloured hair, she's sure she'll be fired. Then Cazier presents her wi Her indecent proposal! Having pulled himself up from the streets of Athens, Sergios Demonides thought he had seen it all. Then Beatriz Blake walked into his office and asked him for a marriage of convenience! Independent, proud and unadorned, B Engaged heiress risks all with mystery man! Vitale Roccanti's plan was simple -- sleep with the daughter to get to the father.

What could go wrong? But staring at the black-and-white headline that announces the success of his plan doesn't feel hal But he's going to have to use more pleasurable tactics to convince his new bride Their vows have been broken, yet neither is prepared for what this tempestuous reunion will bring Tally Spencer is an ordinary girl with no experience of relationships; Sander Volakis is an impossibly rich and handsome Greek entrepreneur.

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Careless passion, pregnancy surprise Sander Volakis goes his own way. He's forged his reputation in business, rather than relying on the family fortune, and indulges his darkly passionate, wild streak. He has no intention of marrying Bedroom bargain Cesario di Silvestri isn't just fast with women, he's supersonic.

After mere minutes spent in his charismatic presence, many of Europe's most glamorous women tumble into his bed… With the exception of one -- shy vet Women fall over themselves to say yes to anything Angelo van Zaal wants -- so he's shocked when proud redhead Flora Bennett says no to his plans! Flora is determined to adopt her baby niece, despite Angelo's assumption that he will have guardiansh She had run away Alejandro Navarro Vasquez, the Conde Olivares, has long desired vengeance His wife betrayed him with an act that, by the proud Spaniard's code, was unforgivable.

What's more, the breakdown of th A marriage full of secrets -- stormy, sexy and set to implode? Billie's wedding day should have been the happiest of her life. She was marrying the father of her baby But tycoon Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia, so he had no rec The convenient bride He relied on Billie Foster for everything -- running his life, even getting rid of his He'd make her pay Already haunted by a youth of illegitimacy and poverty, Valente Lorenzatto never forgave Caroline Hales's abandonment of him at the altar.

But now he's made millions and claimed his aristocratic Venetian birthright The right mistress Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Drakos made her his mistress. Her -- with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle making candles and potpourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves when Billionaire in need Russian billionaire Sergei Antonovich was famous for being knee-deep in stunning supermodels and aspiring actresses.

But not one was suitable bride material. Would he ever grant his aging babushka her dearest wish and present h Forced to marry a desert prince? Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais was concerned that his womanizing elder brother was bewitched by his child's nanny -- the throne of Quaram could be threatened by scandal! Though Elinor Tempest appeared to be a fragile He'll take her to his bed -- but will she stay there? Aristandros Xenakis is like a panther poised to pounce. Sleek, dark and utterly powerful, he'll soon taste the sweet victory of vengeance Ella Smithson desperately wants access to her bab Bedded, then wedded -- but only for their baby's sake Leandro Carrera Marquez, Duque de Sandoval, was as aristocratic, proud and arrogant as his name.

What would this billionaire Spanish Blackmailed, bought From the moment he sees Abbey at a charity fashion show, Russian tycoon Nikolai Arlov wants every inch of that curvy, creamy body.

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When she refuses him, he mercilessly switches tactics, aiming straight for her vulne Bought: one house, one wife! It amazed Ophelia that Lysander Metaxis -- a Greek billionaire notorious for his harem of adoring women -- wanted to marry her, a humble gardener with a grumbling old manor house and debts up to her ears.

But soon Would she conceive the Greek tycoon's baby? Women in uniform weren't Cristos Stephanides' thing -- until he saw Betsy Mitchell, in her chauffeur's outfit at the wheel of His baby, his bride A waitress by day and office cleaner by night, Kathy Galvin labors to forget her traumatic past.

Until the evening when impossibly rich, ruthless and handsome Sergio Torrente takes her He's discovered she's his baby's mother--so now she'll be his bride! Maribel Greenaway was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion.

Naive Bride Defiant Wife by Lynne Graham

She assumed he was inspired by his need for comfort, rather than lust for her Captive in the sheikh's harem! Tilda Crawford was regretting her short-lived romance with Rashad, the crown prince of Bakhar. Now, with her impoverished family indebted to him, Rashad was blackmailing Tilda by insisting she pay up This book contains the 3 part series Brides of L'Amour..

The Greek tycoon's unsuitable bride Maddie Conway idolized Giannis Petrakos, who had lavished money on the charity that had cared for Maddie's twin sister--and was sinfully gorgeous. Now Maddie has a lowly job at Petrakos industries. Soon Gi Angelo Riccardi didn't fo love.


If he does, one thing is for certain - he'll insist that Angie become his winter bride! Mistress and Mother. Carole Mortimer. Harlequin Presents June - Bundle 1 of 2. San Mateo Daily Journal.

Because he'd been denied it a long time ago When Angelo sought revenge Gwenna Hamilton added another, delicious dimension. Innocent and pretty, she had no chance when the Italian tycoon offered her the devil's ba When Harriet's world comes crashing down, she's still able to count her blessings. Forget London, her failing career and her unfaithful fiance--an unexpected legacy of a cottage and stables in an Irish village beckons!

Her fresh start on the Emera Pregnancy and passion -- two good reasons to be his mistress? Single mother of twin boys, Katie Fletcher didn't want their father, Greek billionaire Alexandros Christakis, back in her life. But poverty pushed her to ask for his help.

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He's discovered she's his baby's mother so now she'll be his bride! Maribel was a shy virgin when she and handsome Leonidas Pallis shared a night of passion. She assumed he was inspired by his need for comfort, rather than lust for her.

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Bought for his pleasure -- forced to be his bride? Had supermodel Lydia Powell really stolen money from a charity for disadvantaged children? Cristiano Andreotti hoped so.

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This was his chance for revenge on the woman who'd rejected him. He'd pay b A wife on his terms? It's been eight years since Prudence's arranged wedding to Nikolas Angelis. Their relationship was never consummated and they have always lived apart. But now Prudence longs to have her own baby and she wants a divorce.

Desert prince Shahir bin Harith al Assad has three simple rules: never sleep with a virgin, never get involved with an employee and never get married But rules are made to be broken! Kirsten Ross is innocent and penniless, and Shahir can't res When Harriet Carmichael's world comes crashing down, she's still able to count her blessings. Her fresh start o Married in haste Antonio Rocha saw Sophie Cunningham as a tramp -- she was raising his orphaned baby niece in a trailer! However, Antonio didn't appreciate that though she might not be a lady, Sophie had plenty Greek billionaire Andreas Nicolaidis had never kept a mistress for longer than three months But now, even after two years together, Andreas has no intention of making Hope his wife.

She knows it is time to leave Can she be Convinced that Lucca Saracino, her billionaire Italian husband, had been having an affair, Vivien left him -- even though she was pregnant. Now Vivien has discovered that Lucca might not be guilty. She's d Women in uniform weren't Cristos Stephanides' thing -- until he saw Betsy Mitchell, in her chauffeur's outfit at the wheel of his hired limousine He was determined to seduce her, and his enemies thoug Italian-Swiss banker Roel Sabatino has suffered partial memory loss after a car crash.

It seems he has a wife Hilary is pretty, sweet When Roel tries to take her to bed -- as any husband wou Her first assignment is He is a fabulous lover, but all the same,Pippa is overcome with shame because he's her boss! However,now Andreo has decided Will the Frenchman discover he has a secret son? Tabby fell in love with Christien Laroche, but then tragedy struck and Christien wanted nothing more to do with her. How could Tabby confess to the arrogant Frenchman that she was expecting his baby Sebasten Contaxis: a gorgeous Greek billionaire.

Reputedly, to him women are just for decoration. Lizzie Denton: misunderstood and miserable.

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She's been wrongly labeled as a heartbreaker. Sebasten decides he'll get his own unique brand of reven Five years ago Luciano de Valenza had rescued the Linwood family's failing wine business. In the process, he'd swept young, impressionable Kerry Linwood off her feet. But shockingly, when money was embezzl Poppy sent Santino Aragone a Valentine card to cheer him up.