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To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. Science Fiction 1 Juvenile Literature 1. A Perfect Love Kay L. Readers will enjoy the best pregnancy whodunit since Fargo. Unspeakable-Laura Griffin. She is assigned to the Brownsville, Texas Branch of the agency, but her boss SAC Scarborough makes it clear he does not respect her or want her on his team. Elaine believes that without a miracle, her probation will end with her firing. On Lito Island, Texas, two women have been killed in gruesome ways that make even veteran officers used to ugly homicide scenes need to puke.

Elaine is assigned to the case because her chief figures she will quit once she sees the corpses. Her profiles are to be given to Police Chief Matt Branch. He dismisses her as a loser; saying she is out of her league. When a third female goes missing, they lack proof they are dealing with a serial killer. True crime writer Troy Slaton wrote a book re a killer who certified killing one of the victims from another series of murders that happened five years ago, but the author now believes that psychopath lied.

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He teams up with Elaine to find the real murderer. Elaine links the homicides from five years ago to those happening now and she receives help from the San Marcus police officer who worked the previous cold case. The killer contacts Elaine who sees a butterfly design on two of the victims and traces that to an online game. She begins to figure out who took the web game from virtual reality to reality. Elaine is hurt by the sexist treatment of her superiors at the FBI, but she is also is not a quitter; instead she is obsessed to prove her worth and is determined to help solve the case.

Her bull dog tenacity to demonstrate she is more than equal to the law men putting her down and almost out enhance a strong investigative thriller. Ebury School in Sutton, Canada, the son of an American diplomat extroverted athletic Julius and the lovely Fallon are an entry. Still in spite of his coveting Fall, Noel and Julius become buddies.

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The administration punishes Julius for a typical teenage stunt; his punishment is confinement to his room. Unable to see Fall, he asks his friend to visit her. Soon after he begins seeing Fall, she vanishes. Told in rotation by the two male roommates, Fall is a profound psychological suspense tale. The audience gets to know the obsessions of both male teens and through their respective reflective lenses somewhat the female each cherishes in their own way.

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Part of the insight is how different Julius and Noel are in their behavior especially their relationships with others; but ironically how similar they are when it comes to Fall. Readers who appreciate a character psychoanalytical profile will relish Fall as the action including what happened to the girl takes a back seat to the astute look at the rivals who desire her Harriet Klausner. End of the Line-Mike Manno. Butler; shot to death on a city bus. As the pair interviews those who rode the bus, worked with the victim, and his family first and second wives , Stan meets two women bank teller Kitty Quinn and Teri Barkley niece of a restaurant owner who offer to help him with his statistics class.

Buffy Cole the reporter who worked with the pair on the Murder Most Holy Case offers to help him on this one too. Stan believes the second wife, cheesecake model Linda and her boyfriend drug counselor Bob Maxwell killed him so she would not be cut out of his estate when they divorced. However, Noble thinks that is too simple as the embezzled money remains missing. Then there is the first wife who hated R.

Parker is his terrific know it all self starting with the bloodhound hearsay lecture and never lets up with his unique brand of sardonic winking wisdom. Stan is a solid cop who this time has three women in his life, but at the same time none in his life. Ironically Buffy plays a lesser but more pivotal role than in the Murder Most Holy case as she shares second banana billing with a lot of other females.

Hopefully this is not the End of the Line for this dynamic trio. He hopes to obtain some respite having spent two months of his time in a horrible Transylvanian jail, but feels the jaunt in the jalopy was worth it. However, rest will wait when he opens a two month old letter of desperation from Mary Thomason, whom he does not know. She pleaded with him to help her. Denton learns that Aubrey Heseltine delivered the letter that he had found attached to the back of a painting.

While Denton seeks to learn more about his potential client, someone is stalking Denton. This is an excellent early twentieth century mystery that contains two strong subplots in which Kenneth Cameron seemingly effortlessly interweaves them back and forth before tying them together. Fast-paced yet enabling the reader to have a strong sense of time and place, The Bohemian Girl is a terrific historical thriller due to a powerful cast led by General see The Frightened Man for his previous appearance.

Stella leaves frustrated as hurricane Brandy is quite a storm.

Stella stops at her sewing-machine repair shop she inherited from her late husband Ollie. While looking in on her assistant Chrissy Shaw, Stella answers the phone. Former wife abuser and ex Oxycontin addict Neb Donovan has been arrested for the murder of a woman. Apparently a tornado tore apart the demolition-derby stadium snack revealing a body had been interred there.

Neb poured the concrete that was ripped open. Sub-genre fans will enjoy cozying with Stella, who could have been a contender except that the inane shenanigans of Brandy and her boyfriend Wil might leave her dead instead. The Blood Harvest-S. The Blood Harvest S.

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Soon after their arrival, Tom and Joe dodge a gang of nasty boys at a graveyard and church. Later Tom informs his parents that a girl in the shadows seems to be spying on him. Alice and Gareth assume their oldest is letting his imagination play with his mind. However, when Millie is almost killed in what looked like a deliberate action to her older brothers, Tom and Joe vow to watch her.

New vicar Reverend Harry Laycock also senses something is not right. Psychiatrist Dr. Evi Oliver introduces the Reverend to her patient Gillian Royle, who has never recovered from the death of her toddler Hayley in a fire three years ago. Harry finds out about two other similar deaths of young girls Lucy and Megan and begins to fear for Millie, but it is Joe who goes missing.

Readers will appreciate this scary psychological supernatural saga as the locale seems serene yet bizarre deadly events occur in which mostly the newcomers as strangers in a strange setting are the only ones truly seeing the horror. Fast-paced, the audience needs to set aside time because S. Anthony, Minnesota.

They take him to Libbie, South Dakota. Befuddled by the abduction, Mac is taken aback when he learns the townsfolk believe he is a con artist; whose scheme threatens to bankrupt Libbie. However, he persuades the city council and law enforcement they arrested the wrong man. Apparently someone stole his identity to pull off the scam. Instead of suing for false arrest, he offers to help catch the crook; somewhat out of altruism but more so because city council member Tracie Blake is pretty. As he digs deep into the con, Mac concludes the plot needed insider help to make it happen, but his questioning of townsfolk angers the residents who reject his theory as they believe no local would do such a thing.

The investigation he is doing expands as he also looks into a double homicide. Buy Back-Brian Wiprud. He knows he better pay Vince off even though it is not his debt as Vince believes in extended definitions of relationships when it comes to breaking body parts. Tommy persuades three buddies led by Huey to steal three paintings from the Whitbread Museum so he can collect the recovery fee from the insurance company.

Finally there is the insane Russian who obsesses over Yvette by stealing her abandoned cats. Brooklyn is becoming too hot for Tommy as he plays dodge ball.

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All this insanity goes on while he seeks the thieves who stole from his thieves. Buy Back is a superb amusing over the top of the Brooklyn Bridge crime cape in which readers will expect Elmore Leonard to show up. She does her best to be there for her patients as she personally never moved on from when one of clients paranoid schizophrenic Heywood Marsden III killed his girlfriend, Melody Stone, in front of her and tried to kill her too.

Claire accepts the woman as a patient. However as their mutual disregard turns ardently heated the cop and the doctor team up to prevent another murder from occurring. Claire is terrific as she tries to help her patients even when the law and her bosses warn her to back down or else.

  1. The Unbelievable Powers of Those with Learning Disabilities.
  2. Port Hope Simpson Clues, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (Port Hope Simpson Mysteries Book 4)!
  3. The Village Time Portal (Epic Choices).

Although the romantic subplot seems over the top of Rogers Peak as the lead pair has a tragic history, fans will enjoy this exciting action-packed thriller. Diva Las Vegas-Eileen Davidson. However, instead of a good time, she finds her hostess dead, a murder victim.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Murder and romance grab you in this fast, fresh, intriguing new work MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER (A Jancy Dewhurst Mystery Book 2) - Kindle edition by Sharon Ervin. MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER (A Jancy Dewhurst Mystery Book 2) Kindle Edition. by. Murder Aboard the Choctaw Gambler: A Jancy Dewhurst Mystery [Sharon Ervin] Book 2 of 3 in the Jancy Dewhurst series, this is a romantic suspense novel.

Unable to resist due to a connection to the victim especially since Shana was telling her she was in trouble and she has had success as an amateur sleuth see Dial Emmy for Murder the actress investigates. As she makes her inquiries, Alex finds there is little progress. However, she works the case in between taping of the TV show and eluding her fans who interfere with her investigation.