Hugo the Polar Bear

Far-Flung Adventures: Hugo Pepper
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After snacking, Lars, still itching for fun, accidentally falls down a shaft into the station itself. Readers will delight in the rollicking tale of discovery and budding friendship full of one adventure after the next. While tension exists as Lars now a scardy-bear hides from the ranger, readers are reassured by way of the lighthearted illustrations that everything will work out just fine.

The ranger, with his thin, scratchy beard, pointy nose and skewed sunglasses, looks harmless and no match for this unassuming, intrepid duo. Lars and Hugo, both softly rounded and cute enough to cuddle, look and act like a team with a long and happy future. Hurley : Ow Dave : Was than a hallucination? Hurley : Maybe I just imagined you slapped me. Dave : [Dave slaps Hurley again]. Hurley : Ow!

Damn it! Dave : We can do this all night.

Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare

Hurley : Dr. Brooks showed me a picture from the Rec Room and my arm was around, like, nothingness. Dave : Uh What, you think they really blew up the Death Star? Hurley : No. Charlie Pace : No Charlie Pace : I saw a polar bear on roller blades with a mango. Libby : That's a lot of peanut butter.

Hurley : Well, I'm going to need a lot of protein where I'm going.

Male Polar Bear Fight Club - Ep. 2 - Wildlife: The Big Freeze

Libby : Where are you going? Hurley : Back to the caves. No one lives there anymore, so I won't bother anybody. I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys - you know, the crazy guys - with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doodie at people.

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Libby : What was the man's name, who broke his leg? The day of the crash on the other side of the island, Eko brought a man with a broken leg to me for help. What was his name?

Hurley : I don't know. Libby : You don't know. You know why? Effects of sea-level rise on water resources of small islands and low-lying coastal areas.

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Estimates of people flooded in coastal areas in the s as a result of sea-level rise and for given socio-economic scenarios and protection responses. Example of enhanced water levels produced from river ice, Liard River, Canada. Glacier changes on Nevado de Santa Isabel, Colombia. Glacier front variations in the European Alps. Glaciers monitored through the World Glacier Monitoring Service.

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Greenland, showing rates of surface-elevation change between the late s and Historical trends in carbon dioxide concentrations and temperature, on a geological and recent time scale. Ice-albedo feedback process. Ice sheets, schematic illustration for Greenland and Antarctica. Increases in annual temperatures for a recent five-year period, relative to Jakobshavn Isbrae and ice fjord, showing locations of the calving ice front in years from to , together with flow velocity observations.

Major glacier hazard locations. Maps of average sea ice extent in the Arctic summer September and winter March , and in the Antarctic summer February and winter September. Mass balance reference glaciers in nine mountain ranges.

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Mean snow-cover extent in the Northern Hemisphere Melting ice on Mount Kilimanjaro, East Africa. Monthly average sea ice extent globally and in both hemispheres.

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Monthly average sea ice extent globally and in both hemispheres radial. Mountain permafrost patterns and temperature gradients.

Northern Hemisphere snow-cover extent anomalies Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage compared with currently used shipping routes. Overview of world glaciers and ice caps.

Overview on glacier changes since the end of the Little Ice Age. Population, area and economy affected by a 1 m sea level rise global and regional estimates, based on today's situation. Population size of Peary caribou in the Canadian Arctic islands. Projected changes in permafrost Northern Hemisphere. Projected reduction in snow