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You should also take the time to clean areas that are easily skipped over, such as cuticle beds and between your fingers.

Learn when the body, by itself, can be a deadly weapon.

Regularly remind your patients to wash their hands , as well. In an October study , a simulation found that 25 percent of clinicians wearing long-sleeved white coats had contaminated sleeves and wrists compared to 0 percent of clinicians in short sleeves. The authors noted clinicians should be more conscious of wearing protective clothing during interactions with patients with infections. Always follow the CDC guidelines for protective personal equipment. A study found stethoscopes are often loaded with diverse bacteria, such as staphylococcus, which can cause deadly staph infections.

Littman offers some recommendations for doing so:.

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Other known fomites that healthcare workers frequently carry around include badges, blood pressure cuffs and pens. Hospital floors often carry dangerous bacteria. Naturally, your shoes come in the most contact with the floor, so be sure to practice good hand hygiene after touching your shoes.

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Consider sterilizing your device regularly with bleach or alcohol to eliminate the most enduring bacteria, such as C. While a certain degree of bacteria is inevitable in healthcare settings, revisiting best practices for cleaning your hands, scrubs, your personal equipment can mitigate these effects. Log in to leave a comment. Sign In Sign Up. Sign in.

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Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Vol 1 1

Violent protests in Iraq lead to curfews. Knife attacker shot dead inside Paris police headquarters.

Corbyn says Johnson wants a 'Trump-deal Brexit'. Boris Johnson's plan prompts fears of violence on Irish border. New Brexit plan includes Irish backstop alternative. Indonesia's famed Komodo Island will limit tourism.


North Korea confirms it test fired new ballistic missile. Cybersecurity expert explains how Russians targeted a trainer in Brooklyn.

Kashmir attack: India says Pakistan had 'direct hand' in deadly convoy strike

After a Cabinet Committee on Security meeting on Friday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in a statement that India would initiate "all possible diplomatic steps" to "ensure the complete isolation from the international community of Pakistan, of which incontrovertible evidence is available of having a direct hand in this gruesome terrorist incident. Jaitley added that India would downgrade diplomatic relations by withdrawing its "most favored nation status" to Pakistan -- a largely symbolic title.

Thursday's attack on a convoy of Indian soldiers killed 40 and wounded five, said M. Dhinakaran, deputy inspector general of the Central Reserve Police Force. It was deadliest attack on security forces since the beginning of the insurgency in the late s. Indian security forces inspect the scene of an attack on a paramilitary convoy.

Are you brave enough to touch a deadly meat-eating plant? - Festival of Discovery

The Indian government has blamed Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed for the attack. On Friday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a warning to terrorist groups, saying that the "the blood of the people is boiling. They will have to pay a very heavy cost for this. I give assurance to the nation that the forces behind the attack, the culprits behind this attack -- they will definitely be punished for their actions," he said at an event in New Delhi.

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Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement hours after the attack, describing it as "a matter of grave concern. It continued: "We strongly reject any insinuation by elements in the Indian media and government that seek to link the attack to Pakistan without investigations.

Deadly Hand

Jaish-e-Mohammed, which translates to the Army of the Prophet Mohammed, is a Pakistan-based group that operates on both sides of the border of the disputed state and seeks to unite the Indian-controlled area of Kashmir with Pakistan. The group was listed as a terrorist organization by the US State Department in , but the effort to include its leader, Masood Azhar, as an "internationally designated terrorist" at the United Nations was vetoed by China in The group has been implicated in multiple attacks in India, including the attack on the Indian Parliament in New Delhi that killed nine people, and on the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly building that killed at least 31 people.

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Thursday's attack took place in the Pulwama district -- about 15 miles 25 kilometers from Kashmir's capital, Srinagar. The convoy of 78 vehicles, which was transporting 2, paramilitary soldiers, was on the national highway when it was struck by the blast, said Muneer Khan, director general of police.

A damaged bus is towed away following the attack.